Roasted Seaweed Snack Pack Attack

Roasted Seaweed Snack Pack Attack

Roasted Seaweed is one of my new go to favorites, and by new I mean I’ve gorging myself on them for the past several months, if gorging on seaweed is even possible. The weed wafers are paper thin, salted, and sometimes seasoned, like my favorite spicy snack pack. I completely over indulge in them because of two big reasons: they are .99 CENTS, that’s right $1, and it is completely impossible to eat too many. IMPOSSIBLE. It’ll never really fill you up unless you eat approximately 100 or so packs, but to me that’s perfection. I do not like feeling over stuffed or flavored (having too much of something rich or sweet), and I have feeling that most people would agree that would be ideal to be able to eat a lot of something without over doing it. So thank you, roasted seaweed, for making this possible. Stock up! Eat up! I buy it like Ramen, 10 at a time.

I buy them from Sprouts usually, but just about everywhere distributes one brand or another these days.


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