Brunch at Skylight Gardens in Westwood

Brunch at Skylight Gardens in Westwood

One rare Saturday that I happened to be off work, Jonathan took me to a surprise boozy brunch at Skylight Gardens in Westwood, a cute little neighborhood on the north side of LA. The restaurant used to be a small indoor shopping mall with a beautiful central rotunda that has been converted into the main dining room. It is an amazing space with trees growing up between the tables toward the skylight dome, and the light that filters down through the glass between the leaves plays across the room in a very peaceful whimsical way. It’s like having a garden party. I love ambience, and though it is not essential for me to enjoy the food, it can certainly swing my vote on occasion, and just like any good brunch spot they offered bottomless mimosas to really seal the deal.

The menu is primarily Italian and Spanish inspired and the Short Ribs Benedict and the Skylight Cheeseburger immediately caught my eye. So I got the short ribs and Jonathan got the Cheeseburger, naturally. They also started us off with a basket of warm muffins, always a nice touch and always appreciated. The Short Ribs and Cheeseburger were amazing. The burger was perhaps not the most amazing burger I have ever had, but certainly nothing to scoff at. The patty is cooked in beer and topped with melted Gruyere, caramelized onions, basil aioli, and bacon, with tomatoes, shaved lettuce, and garlic parsley fries on the side. Simple, straight forward, and delicious. The Short Ribs Benedict though is worth writing home about. Slow cooked in a red wine demi glace and served over a split English muffin with a poached egg on each half it is my favorite combination of tangy, savory, and rich. The rib meat was tender and well portioned, only choicest cuts on the plate. The sides of potatoes and fruit were a balancing act that did hardly anything to distract me from the meat, muffin, and eggs. Jonathan’s fries however did not last long. All together a satisfying brunch that everyone left sated and a little buzzed.

Such a beautiful place! and tasty bites.

Skylight Gardens
1139 Glendon Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024Hours
Monday to Thursday 11:30am-9:30pm
Friday and Saturday 11:30am-10:30pm
Sunday 11am-9:30pm


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