Birthday Cont’d: Milo & Olive for a quick pizza

Birthday Cont’d: Milo & Olive for a quick pizza

After leaving the Misfit we headed to Milo & Olive, owned by the same people as Huckleberry and Rustic Canyon, which is a small bakery and pizza, lunch and dinner joint that has a couple of communal tables and a bar that bellies to an open kitchen. It is a nice space that seemed to be fairly quiet during the afternoon, so we sat side by side on the bench at an empty table.

We snacked on the burrata pizza and had a Bundaberg ginger beer and latte to hydrate and perk us up a little bit. Now, I don’t mind a few greens on my pizza, and on the burrata there is supposed to be a sprinkling of arugula, but ours appeared to have had a whole salad bag worth poured on top. A bit much I though. Otherwise, the warmed, slightly melted burrata cheese with prosciutto was melt in your mouth savory. It is hard to go wrong with cheese and salty prosciutto pizza though.

Since we also had a quick bite at the Misfit just before one slice each was about all we could do, so we had to take the other half to go. I have heard a lot about M&O and our pizza was very good, even swimming in greens, so I’m sure we will be trying it for dinner sometime.

Great lunch spot!

Milo & Olive
Open everyday 7am – 11pm


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