This week is Jonathan’s birthday ‘week’, and yes that does mean we are pretty much celebrating all week. Because why should your birthday be confined to just one day? Especially if your birthday falls on a weekday, and in which case you have to plan a party or dinner for friends and family for the weekend before or after anyway.

His birthday was on Tuesday this year so we started Monday night. After I got off work I took him to the Sprinkles cupcake ATM and ice cream shop next door on Santa Monica Blvd in Beverly Hills. For those of you who do not yet know what Sprinkles is, it is a famous premier cupcake shop in Los Angeles with a location also at the Grove shopping center. The shop on Santa Monica is the most popular though due to this cupcake ATM, which dispenses cupcakes to sidewalk customers outside store hours. Such an amazing invention! The ice cream shop next door is open until at least 11pm so you can do one or the other, or both….. which is what we did.

We first hit up the ATM for two red velvets to save for the next day, and then went next door to the ice cream shop for a Sprinkles Sundae and cookie ice cream sandwich. I haven’t had that much sugar in one sitting in a long time. It was so much I started to feel a little overwhelmed and sick, which is not to say our treats weren’t incredibly yummy, just that we probably could have split one and been okay.

The cookie sandwich was definitely the best, though the sundae was really good and much lighter in fact. For the sandwich you have the option of any flavor of ice cream and you can mix and match the cookies. He got a chocolate white chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie with pistachio ice cream. Pistachio is one of my all time favorites I first tried in Italy. It is a hard flavor to get perfect, and most American ice creams don’t get it quite right. I personally think the Sprinkles version is a little too light and bland, and though it was good in the sandwich it would have been even better had it been richer.

If you like something very sweet and light, to quell that sweet tooth without turning your stomach, then the Sundae is the perfect portion. I got the salty caramel ice cream with the red velvet cupcake, because the Sprinkles Sundae, unlike a normal Sundae, includes a cupcake, split in two, with the ice cream inside. I also added some crumbled gram cracker to mine, which was a nice light topping. It was a great late night treat and something fun to do every once and a while.


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