Chicken Fried Quail

Chicken Fried Quail

I was eating with Jonathan at Barnyard again the other night, and we got our usual bowl of “crack” fries, as I like to call them because of their highly addictive nature, steamed clams au jus with bread, and a new dish called chicken fried quail. It is simply wonderful, of course. Like all of his other creations, Barber’s quail is gourmet home cooking. I’m not saying my mom can’t turn out impressively delicious meals, but this is another level. The batter is crispy and light with a drizzle of tangy bone sucking sauce, and grilled peaches with garnish and a hefty slice of lemon on the side. The peach is a perfect pairing, offering sweetened notes to the savory dish, and it gives me ideas for my own home creations. To really sum up this endorsement, I have literally ordered the quail every time since it appeared. Enough said

Again, Barnyard is open:

Monday – Saturday 5:30-10:30pm
Sunday Brunch 12:00-4:00pm


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