Thursday Luncheon

Thursday Luncheon

Lunch is that sacred hour in the middle of the day when you get to leave the office, or get out of the house, and meet up with friends or have a moment to yourself. When I’m at work I can go either way, but I am a packed lunch kind of girl, or at least I try to be during the week. When I have to work the weekend I like to treat myself to a little sit down service. On the whole though, I think that making yourself your own lunch everyday makes you more aware of your diet. You’re in control of the ingredients and the proportions, so you can make the right choices; ideally. It is also the most economic choice you can make. Planned packed lunches made with fresh, healthy ingredients will cut down on your weekly expenses, and save you more for the weekends, and your body will thank you. I am of course referring to salads, sandwiches, soups, fruit, sliced, diced, or chopped veggies, and maybe a treat. Not terribly exciting I know, unless you’re like me and happen to love the healthy stuff. Homemade leftovers also count, and you can certainly get as creative as you want. I’m not saying you should only bring soups, salads, and sandwiches, I just like to keep it classic. The point is to think about it. Lunch deserves some respect. It keeps you going until the end of the day and can bring you back up after a long or rough morning.

And so for lunch this past Thursday I made myself an exceptional sandwich of tomatoes, Vermont cheddar, chipotle chicken slices, green onions, and Kettle salt and pepper ridged chips for an interesting twist; I love Kettle chips and really want to try the sea salt and vinegar in my next sandwich. I cut off a chunk of French baguette and split it in half for the bun. My grocery store Sprouts makes these fresh, fat French Baguettes for something like less than 2 dollars a piece and they’re amazing. You just can’t eat a whole one to yourself…….Anywho, I had an Americano on the side so that I could sit outside and read my book at this place around the corner called Röckenwagners. Excellent coffee, juice, and pastries, but a bit over priced. I meant to bring a spinach salad with green onions and croutons, but I drizzled it with red wine vinegar beforehand and the Tupperware leaked so I had to leave it. Ah well. The sandwich and a coffee was plenty anyway, and the baguette and chips made it more than just a boring old sandwich. I love sandwiches, and I love getting creative with them, a well made one is just so satisfying. So get creative with your own lunch! and make some healthy choices. Doing some yoga and going to the gym a few times a week just isn’t enough. My mom always said you gotta eat right too.


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