Cupcakes! From Regal Cake Gallery

Cupcakes! From Regal Cake Gallery

So my friend Munibah and I decided to order these cupcakes for our friend/Manager Renee’s going away dinner. She moved to London to transfer to the newly opened Max Studio location in Notting Hill (so exciting!). We found a deal on Livingsocial for a dozen cupcakes from Regal Cake Gallery, which happens to be interestingly located in Little Ethiopia. I don’t use Livingsocial all that often but boy do they sometimes have some really great deals. The cupcakes were only $19 instead of $45, and they were BEAUTIFUL. The frosting was molded into different pastel colored flowers on top of each cupcake. They were magical looking and were such a sugar blast. The cupcakes themselves were a blend of chocolate and vanilla and were light and moist. I would say that the flavoring on the whole though wasn’t terribly striking, but they were a pretty standard degree of yummy and wonderful to look at. They were a big hit at the party.
Regal Cake Gallery
1068 South Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90019


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