A Perfectly Simple Breakfast

A Perfectly Simple Breakfast

I like to start off every day with a simple but powerful blend of granola and greek yogurt. It is an excellent source of fiber, protein, calcium, potassium, zinc, and vitamins B6 and 12. Greek yogurt is not only creamier than regular yogurt, but it also has twice the protein which makes it a great weight control food because it keeps you fuller longer. Granola is also full of benefits because its fiber is both soluble and insoluble and keeps your intestines running smooth, grains keep your cholesterol low, and it has heart healthy omega-3’s.

This kind of breakfast also happens to be fast and relatively financially sustainable, and for me that is a top priority. Because it is such a filling meal it does not require a large portion so the granola and yogurt last longer than you think they would. I buy a box of the almond ginger granola and a tub of FAGE yogurt from Trader Joe’s if I’m pressed for time, and also because the almond ginger is amazing, but usually I load up on a cost effective bag of granola from the bulk grains and dried fruit section at Sprouts. I still grab the FAGE because it is delicious and there isn’t anything better anywhere, though that may be biased.


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